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A dental crown relies on an anchoring abutment to found it in place. They are typically married to the dental post with a very strong dental grade adhesive.

Yet there are times when an accidental blow to the mouth or oral health complications can weaken the once strong bond. This can cause a loose feeling with the dental crown or discomfort when biting and chewing.

If you have a loose or sensitive dental crown you need to have it examined as soon as possible, by an experienced dentist like Dr. Jack Smalley or Dr. Dawn Glover. The longer you procrastinate professional care the more likely you are to experience significant complications.

While you wait for your appointment at Jack O. Smalley, DDS you should resist the temptation to wiggle or play with the loose dental crown.

You shouldn’t attempt to clean a loose dental crown. Even a modest amount of manipulation could potentially to cause damage to the abutment. Any necessary cleaning treatments should be left to our dentist’s professional tools and techniques.

If the anchoring abutment within the crown is unharmed, our dentist might be able to cement the dental crown or start the process of preparing a new dental crown. If the abutment has been traumatized he might need to perform a root canal to restore the structure of the anchoring abutment.

If you are in the Farmington, New Mexico, area and you have loose or sensitive dental crown, you should call 505-327-3331 to schedule an appointment at Jack O. Smalley, DDS.