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Due to several health risks that can often arise due to sleep apnea, it is important that is treated immediately after it is found. Although sleep apnea is often commonly associated with snoring, not all people who snore are suffering from the condition. Sleep apnea occurs when breathing patterns are obstructed or interrupted in some way.

There are two main forms of sleep apnea that can arise. One is called obstructive sleep apnea in which your airflow is blocked while you sleep. Another form is called central sleep apnea, which occurs when breathing muscles do not receive signals that are sent from your brain. Both conditions can be highly dangerous if they are not treated. It can lead to high blood pressure, stroke, heart failure, and diabetes.

There are several risk factors that exist that can make you more prevalent to suffering from sleep apnea. If you have a history of the condition or genetic predispositions for it, you will be at a greater risk. Furthermore, males over the age of 40 or individuals that are overweight are also likely to develop the disorder. Other common risk factors include a large tongue, large tonsils, a nasal obstruction, sinus problems, issues with allergies, and a deviated septum.

There are several different treatment techniques that can help lower your risk for sleep apnea or eliminate it altogether. Try adjusting your sleeping habits and avoid sleeping on your back. Furthermore, visit your dentist for information on the use of an oral appliance or CPAP device to help open up your airways while you sleep. These devices can also help support your jaw and prevent it from collapsing. In serious situations, you may need additional help, including surgery on your upper airway to help open your airway for future help.

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