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Over the past several decades, dentists have begun to use nitrous oxide can be used to help relax patients who suffer from ailments like dental anxiety. For a better understanding of nitrous oxide, here are some fundamental facts:

– Nitrous oxide is a combination of nitrogen and oxygen which can function as a mild sedative that is most often inhaled to help with dental anxiety and discomfort.

– Nitrous oxide is sometimes called “laughing gas.” This is because it can often make a person feel light-headed or relaxed for a while, which causes some patients to laugh.

–Nitrous oxide is completely safe and harmless in controlled doses.

–Nitrous oxide is administered through the use of a small mask that fits over a patient’s nose and mouth.

– Nitrous oxide is considered the mildest form of sedative. You can likely even drive yourself home after your dental procedure.

– Nitrous oxide wears off very quickly after the gas mask has been removed.

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