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Drinking dark beverages and soft drinks each day can gradually cause dental stains to develop on your teeth. As this continues to occur, the shades of yellow, tan, or gray on your teeth will likely prove too significant to be removed by the whitening products sold in stores.

In a situation like this you’ll need to turn to a dentist like Dr. Jack Smalley to have your teeth professionally whitened. In a single outpatient appointment he can administer a dental bleaching treatment to safely remove the dental stains from your tooth enamel. Once your white smile has been restored, we can help you understand additional measures needed to prevent future dental stains. This includes cutting back on foods like chocolate, tomato sauce, and dark berries.

You might want to also develop a habit of drinking dark beverages and soft drinks through a straw. This will minimize your tooth enamel exposure, to prevent new dental stains from occurring. Occasionally brushing your teeth with a whitening toothpaste that’s been approved by the American Dental Association can also help remove minor surface stains from your teeth. By keeping these simple things in mind, and abstaining from tobacco, you can enjoy your professionally whitened smile for a long time to come.

If you live in the Farmington, New Mexico, area and you have significant dental stains on the teeth in your smile, you should call 505-327-3331 to schedule a consultation at Jack O. Smalley, DDS. We look forward to making your smile the best yet!