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Are you experiencing any pain or soreness within your jaw? If so, you may be suffering from chronic jaw and facial pain in relation to a TMJ disorder. TMJ disorders, also known as temporomandibular joint disorders, occur due to conditions within your jaw joints that have been damaged. To help protect your smile against the risks of TMJ disorders, it is important to know the causes and treatments available should one arise.

In situations where a TMJ disorder has occurred, it could be linked to various causes including bad habits you may have. If you are continually overworking your jaw either by biting your nails or chewing gum frequently, you could be putting yourself at an increased risk of joint damage. Furthermore, the presence of teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, can lead to TMJ disorders. Other common causes include misalignments with your teeth or jaw, dislocations or arthritis.

To prevent a TMJ disorder, make sure that you’re using appropriate treatment plans to help protect your smile in the future. Should you have any inflammation or feel discomfort, use heat and ice packs. Medications, oral appliances, jaw strengthening exercises and eating habits can all improve your smile and help to treat a TMJ disorder.

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